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Inn The Wild
A Wildlife Homestay — Mudumalai Resorts / Hotel, India


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InnTheWild – Boutique Wildlife Resorts in Mudumalai

InnTheWild Resorts & Hotels near Mudumalai are located right inside the forest at the foothills of the Nilgiris, near the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. Popular for the diversity of wildlife and varied flora, InnTheWild Mudumulai Resorts and Hotels is one of the best resorts for wildlife enthusiasts. Mudumalai is also known as Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

+91 80 3075 2575

Safari Wilderness Drives

Experience the Mudumulai forest safaris with our in-house Naturalist and our local guides. Read More →

+91 80 3075 2575

Rustic Rooms & Accommodation inside the Mudumalai Forest

Tastefully designed & comfortable rooms right in the middle of the Mudumalai Wilderness. Read More →

  • Houses Admist Trees

  • Cottages Overlooking the Meadows

+91 80 3075 2575

Other Facilities

In-House Restaurant "FEAST" and In-Room Dinning: All meals are served buffet-style at FEAST during the designated hours. Vegetarian & non-vegetarian options are included and we can cater to special needs (like Jain meals, Vegan meals) if informed in advance. Also available:

  • la carte menu to order additional snacks or beverages during meals at FEAST or in-between meals to the room. Charges as applicable.
  • Campfire Jungle Barbecue with exotic meats options. Charges as applicable.
  • Early morning tea or coffee delivered to the room place a request with the Front Desk the night before.

Internet - Wired internet access in the reception area

Water - A world class RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant for guest usage in restrooms and shower areas. Upon arrival, one complimentary bottle of water per guest.

Still unsure? Read our facilities in detail →

+91 80 3075 2575

What to See at Mudumalai...

  • Mudumalai is an entire region that is located in the southern portion of India on the northwest side of the Nilgiri Hills(Blue Mountains).
  • Most tourists come to Mudumalai solely because they want to experience the impressive and exotic creatures that live in India. The gray langur and the bonnet macaque are two of the notable primates that can be seen in the Mudumalai area. It is possible to see tigers, leopards, golden jackals, striped hyenas and asian elephants in this region as well.
  • Many interesting birds are also native to this area, making bird watching a very interesting possibility. The Malabar Trojan, the Malabar grey hornbill, the crested hawk, the crested serpent eagle, and the rare striped tit-babbler can be seen frequenting this destination.
  • Mudumalai is very popular largely because of the Mudumalai National Park that was established back in 1940. It is this national park that helps to protect all of the amazing wildlife that lives there so people can travel there to simply experience personally witnessing the existence of amazing wildlife, also you can enjoy trekking, holidays at Mudumalai
  • Best location in Mudumalai for jungle homestay, holidays, trekking, as well as bonfire, campfire and Nature walks.

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