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Best Tourist Places Around Ooty!

"There are many things to do around Ooty, but for that unforgettable one thing, you must make a visit to InnTheWild".

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To get the maximum out of your trip to Ooty, here is a list of places we suggest you visit –

InnTheWild, Masinagudi: Our resort, InnTheWild, is located just 30Kms from Ooty near a small town called Masinagudi. The travel time is approx 45-60 minute down some beautiful ghat roads while travelling towards Mysore. Among all the Masinagudi Jungle Resorts - InnTheWild is one of best hotels in Masinagudi, Located 3km inside the forest, we are completely surrounded by the wilderness of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, South India. Further the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is only another 45kms from here and we can arrange for Safaris even there. At InnTheWild we offer rustic rooms, fun wildlife activities and an unforgettable gastronomical experience. No fencing. No electric barricades only makes the stay more adventurous. A small waterhole within the resort campus itself, InnTheWild gives you the perfect setting for spotting wildlife from within your room itself! Don't believe us? Take a look at the pictures given below. These photographs were clicked by the resort staff in the resort premises itself. To maximize your Jungle Safari Adventure, please plan to stay for a minimum of two nights.

Kalhatti Waterfalls:

Kalhatti Waterfalls is an extremely scenic tourist spot just 13kms from Ooty and enroute towards Masinagudi.

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Doddabetta Peak:

One of the highest peaks in the Nilgiris region, the Doddabetta peak stands at over 2600 meters above Sea Level. Located just 10kms from the main town of Ooty, this is one of the top items in the list of things to see around Ooty. There is an observatory at the top of the peak with some stunning views of the Nilgiris.

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Botanical Gardens:

The beautiful Botanical Gardens in Ooty, was laid out in 1848 by Marquis of Tweedale. They are located in the lower sloped of the Doddabetta peak and are currently maintained by the government. The original intent of the gardens was to practice horticulture and supply vegetables to the local Europeans that has inhabited Ooty under the British-Raj. One of the price collections right in the middle of the gardens is a fossilized tree said to be 20 million years old! Further the gardens are also famous for the Toda hill also called the Toda mund.

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The Todas:

An offbeat thing to do while in Ooty is to familiarize yourself with one of the local Tribes that is native to the region.

Nobody knows for sure Where the Todas come from? and adding this destination to your itinerary will be interesting as you can visit their homes where they will give you a small tour of their hut and their forgotten culture.

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Pykhara Lake:

Formed by the construction of the Pykhara Dam, this lake and boathouse is an added attraction for tourists staying in resorts around Ooty. Attached to the boathouse is a restaurant that is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Tourism and Development Corporation.

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Shopping in Ooty:

While in Ooty, the Queen of the Nilgiris, don't forget to pick up the local handmade chocolates, a few bottles of Essential Oils, and the aromatic local teas that are grown locally using terrace farming techniques.

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