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Inn The Wild
A Wilderness Retreat — Masinagudi Jungle Resorts, India

Below is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions; if you have any other
questions do contact us.

Visit our Policies page for important InnTheWild Policies and Wildlife Laws.

There is a high diversity of wildlife within and around InnTheWild with about 55 species of mammal, 50 species of fishes, 21 species of amphibians, 34 species of reptiles, and 227 species of birds; some of the prominent ones are:

  • Wild cats – Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, jungle cat, and leopard cat
  • Other carnivores – Dhole (wild dog), striped hyena, golden jackal, and sloth bear
  • Large herbivores – Asian elephant and Gaur (Indian bison)
  • Large squirrels – Indian giant squirrel and red giant flying squirrel
  • Other herbivores and prey animals – Chittal (spotted deer), Sambar deer, barking deer, wild boar, etc.
  • Snakes – python, spectacled cobra, krait, and Asian pit vipers
  • Birds – the near-threatened black-and-orange flycatcher; regional endemics like the Malabar trogon, Malabar grey hornbill, and great Indian hornbill; birds of prey like hawk-eagles, eagles and owls; and several others
For more information on wildlife within and around InnTheWild, visit the Mudumulai National Park Wiki.

The weather is very pleasant year round with temperatures ranging from 17-30°C (63-86°F); there is a good chance to spot wildlife at any time — so when to visit depends on your personal preference…

Reason Visit Why
To get away from the soaring summer temperatures ranging from 32-45°C (90-113°F) in most other parts of India March-May The temperature here is very comfortable, ranging from 20-30°C (68-86°F)
To experience the magic of monsoon when the forest comes alive June-September The smells, sounds, and sights are truly magical; average temperature is about 24°C (75°F)
To enjoy the wilderness in cooler weather October-February The temperature ranges from 17-24°C (63-75°F)

If you are not an Indian citizen, you will most likely need a visa to enter India. Generally, your passport must be valid for at least six months from time of entry and must have enough blank pages for the visa and entry stamps. It would be best to check with your local Indian embassy/consulate or travel agent atleast 2 months ahead of travel regarding the requirements — need for visa, permitted duration, recommended vaccinations, etc.

For the list of Indian embassies and consulates, visit .

Usually, the mode of transportation (plane, rail, road, etc.) will determine the limitation on luggage quantity, weight, and size.

For instance, if travel by air is part of your itinerary, luggage restrictions per the airline will apply — usually 1-2 checked bags not more than 20 kgs (44 pounds) each and some hand-carry allowance; on the other hand, if you are travelling by road only, you may be able to exceed 20 kgs (50 pounds) per bag but the number of bags will be per your vehicle’s capacity.

It is our recommendation that you travel light — 1 bag of about 20 kgs (50 pounds) and a small backup (useful when on safari to carry camera equipment and some essentials).

If you have selected the Tree House or Tree Top accommodations, please be advised not to carry anything too bulky as the space is quite compact.

  • Basic toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. are provided complimentary in every room, the store also stocks basic items and a limited range of medicines, however, if you use certain specific products/medicines, it is strongly recommended to bring the same yourself; here’s a list of what those might be:
    • Repellents (bug, mosquito, etc.)
    • Personal hygiene and sanitary requisites
    • Medicines (first aid, anti-allergens, prescription drugs, etc.)
  • For protection against the elements and dust (especially while on safaris) – sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, rain gear
  • Clothing and footwear
    • Comfortable cotton and stretchy clothing with an assortment of coverage (short to full length) would be the best so you can decide what would be suitable based on the activity and time of day
    • Carry some warm wear (sweater, scarf, etc.) for when it may get very chilly, usually around 3:00 am to 6:00 am
    • Socks and comfortable shoes (for walks and trekking) and a pair of flipflops to lounge around in
    • Avoid wearing or carrying items with bright colours; opt for neutral colours like brown, olive green, khaki and beige
  • Camera gear – be sure to bring whatever camera equipment you may need, including chargers, spare memory cards and batteries (a tripod will be very handy to get good shots in dim lighting conditions)
  • Good to have – small torch, binoculars, some literature on the area and wildlife


It will certainly be a fun and educational experience for children.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Children must not be left unattended at any time (especially outside the accommodation area)
  • Should you need to step out for a bit while your child is resting in the room, be sure to close the windows and lock the door from the outside, and check in from time to time
  • Walking safaris are not advisable (especially for younger children)
  • To increase the chance of sighting wildlife, it is important to speak very quietly and not make sudden noises or movements, children usually lack the patience and restraint for this — try preparing them in advance to avoid any disappointments

Yes; some of the destinations are listed below — visit our Activities page for itineraries and pricing.

Places to visit Distance Travel time
(one way)
km miles
Theppakadu Elephant Camp 15 9 20 minutes A forest department elephant camp with 29 majestic pachyderms.
Mudumali National Park 15 9 20 minutes Part of the Nilgiri international biosphere reserve.
Moyar Gorge 20 12 40 minutes A 300-meter deep gorge in the Mudumali National Park.
Bandipur National Park 35 22 45 minutes Part of the Nilgiri international biosphere reserve.
Ootacamund (Ooty) 40 25 1 hour 15 minutes A beautiful hill station famous for chocolates, eucalyptus and citronella oil.
Gopalswami Betta 40 25 1 hour 15 minutes A hill located in Mudumalai. You can trek up to the peak to see an ancient temple.
Mysore 98 60 3 hours A historic city, home to many famous temples and palaces.

No, it is not safe to drink the tap water. Upon arrival, one complimentary bottle of mineral water per guest is offered; additional bottles can be purchased as needed.

The electricity supply is 220-240V 50 Hz. Plugs with two or three round pins can be used. It would be best to carry a combination voltage converter and a plug adapter.

The availability and quality of cell phone reception will depend on the coverage that your service operator provides. From our experience, coverage around the dinning and accommodation areas is usually good, however, when moving through the wilderness it is quite patchy. At InnTheWild, wired internet access is available on a common computer in the reception area. If you have a wireless data card or internet service activated on your cell phone, then your access to the internet will depend on the coverage that your service operator provides. FYI, Vodafone and AirCel have the nearest towers, and so their service is usually most consistent.

When How
Online Bookings
  • Credit card - Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Online (net) bank transfer
Phone Bookings
  • Online (net) bank transfer
  • Cash collection from doorstep (within India only)
While at InnTheWild
  • Cash (preferred) – Indian currency
    There is no currency exchange facility at InnTheWild; if you need to convert non-Indian currency into Indian currency, it would be best to do so in advance at a major city or international airport; also, banks and ATMs are atleast a 1-hour drive away, so it would be best to make arrangements for cash in advance

  • Credit card – Visa and Mastercard only (2% surcharge)
    Since the credit card service is dependent on phone lines and the phone service can be unpredictable in the wilderness, this facility may not be available at all times; it would be best to pay by cash

City Road Approx. Distance Approx. Hours by Road RailwayStation Airport
km miles
Ootacamund Black top road 35 19 ¾
Coonoor NH 67 50 30 1
Wayanad Calicut - Vythiri - Gudalur Road 100 62 2
Kabini NH67, SH86 115 72 2 ½
Mysore NH 67 115 72 3
Coimbatore NH 67 120 74 2 ½
Calicut Kozhikode-Nilambur-Gudallur Road 130 80 2 ½
Bangalore NH 209 250 155 5
Mangalore NH 17 370 230 5 ¾
­­Chennai NH 47 600 375 9
­­­Hyderabad NH 7 810 504 12 ½
Mumbai NH 4 1120 695 18
New Delhi NH 3 2285 1420 34
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